Check out Sonic Mania's bonus stages and time attack mode in action

Developer Sega has revealed Sonic Mania’s bonus stages and time attack mode in new gameplay footage.

In the bonus stages (also known as blue spheres), players can navigate Sonic, Tails or Knuckles through a series of blue spheres to clear the stage. However, once the spheres have been touched they turn red and touching a red sphere will immediately end the bonus stage.

Completing the bonus stage will earn you a silver medallion, while collecting all the blue spheres and rings awards players a gold medallion. The bonus stage seems to appear as a ring of blue sparkles in-game, which you simply need to run into.


Sega also revealed special stages. Player’s must chase down enemy UFOs to secure a Chaos Emerald, whilst collecting blue spheres along the way. The blue spheres give your character an extra speed boost to your meter. Once your speed meter is full, your mach level increases.

A time attack mode was also revealed which allows players to compete for the fastest speed in the world, recording their time in the game’s online leaderboard

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